AR Vidhya – A start up founded by Mr. Kartik Kinge (ECE) is based on Augmented Reality and E-Learning

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Project Name

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Dr. Aatish S. Daryapurkar

Kartik Kinge (BT16ECE003)

Aunshri Laddha (BT16ECE010)

Rohit Agrawal (BT16ECE015)

Gesture controlled Car


Technex’17, National Level Techfest of St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur.

Dr. Aatish S. Daryapurkar

Kartik Kinge (BT16ECE003)

Rohit Agrawal (BT16ECE015)

Gravity based Green Energy Lamp


Best Innovation Awards 2017, G.H Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur and Pune

Dr. Aatish S. Daryapurkar

Kartik Kinge (BT16ECE003)

3D - Augmented Reality


IIITN campus with Augmented Reality, where it would be new way to make our campus more Informative, Interactive and Entertaining.

Dr. Aatish S. Daryapurkar

Yash Kudesia (BT17CSE039)

Kartik Gupta (BT17CSE037)

Ganesh Sonwale (BT17CSE062)

Prabhas Prasad (BT17CSE021)

Arnav Doifade (BT17CSE010)

D Nagaraju (BT17CSE017)

Load Carrier Robot

LCR is an electro mechanical device that runs on the principle of Remote controlled car.

The main idea of LCR is to reduce the working efforts.


Dr. Aatish S. Daryapurkar

Abhibha Gupta (BT17CSE020)

Himabindu Thoguru (BT17CSE056)

Swati Yadav (BT17CSE061)

Richa Agarwal  (BT17CSE040)


Power Shoe Using Piezoelectricity



When pressure is applied to piezoelectric devices placed below the shoe, they will produce AC voltage which will further be fed into the bridge rectifier which turns AC voltage into DC voltage.

Further this DC voltage goes into the rechargeable battery of 8 volts which will get charged.

Dr. Aatish S. Daryapurkar

Dr. Vipin Kamble

Rohan Shukla (BT17CSE003)



1st round qualified and participated in final round in the “SRAJAN’S 19” competition organized by Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal on  23rd -24th February 2019

Dr. Aatish S. Daryapurkar

Dr. Vipin Kamble

Saurav Gajbhiye (BT17CSE069)

Purva Goydani (BT17CSE072)

Vedant Gannarpwar (BT17CSE073)

Pranav Rabade (BT17CSE069)

Kaushik Yelne (BT17ECE040)

Harshal Khandait (BT17CSE074)





The "THE TERRIFYING NIGHTMARES" has won the competition "Smart India Hackathon-2019, Agriculture Hardware Edition" and bagged the Trophy and prize money of Rs. 1 Lakh.