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Udyam: Entrepreneurship Development – Innovation & Startup Cell [Udyam: EDISC] of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur (IIITN) is committed to encourage, provoke, guide and support each individual who have zeal and passionate, vision and ability to establish himself/ herself an Innovator or Entrepreneur. UDYAM provides abundant opportunities to explore and exploit the entrepreneurial flavor and groom to cultivate a health culture of creativity. Udyam: EDISC will develop a rich and diverse set of offerings that cater first to the needs of the students, faculty and society in line with the Vision and Mission of the IIIT Nagpur.

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1Constitution (Faculty)


Sr. No.  Name of Member Designation Position Assigned
1 Dr. Ashwin Kothari - IIC President
2 Mr. Sandeep Darwhekar Beta Computronics Pvt. Ltd. - India IIC Vice-president
3 Ms. Shilpa Pawankar  Assistant Registrar (Accounts) Member
4 Dr. Aatish S. Daryapurkar Assistant Professor-BS IIC Convener
5 Dr. Rashmi Pandhare Assistant Professor-ECE Innovation Activity Coordinator
6 Dr. Nishat A. Ansari Assistant Professor-CSE Startup Activity Coordinator
7 Dr. Meera Jagdale Junior Superintendent (T & P) Internship Activity Coordinator
8 Dr. Richa K. Makhijani Assistant Professor-CSE Soci al Media Coordinator
9 Dr. Prasad Joshi Assistant Professor-ECE IPR Activity Coordinator
10 Dr. Milind Penurkar Assistant Professor-CSE NIRF Coordinator
11 Dr. Pooja Jain Assistant Professor-CSE ARIIA Coordinator
12 Dr. Kamaljeet Assistant Professor-BS Member
 (MIC-driven and E Learning resources Coordinator)
13  Dr. Tapan Jain Assistant Professor-ECE Member
 (ATALSchool Linkage Program Co-ordinator)
14  Dr. Girish Chandra Ghivela Assistant Professor-ECE Member
 (KAPILA Scheme Co-coordinator)
15 Dr. Raghavendra Deshmukh Professor - VNIT,
 Incubation In-charge
External Member
16 Mr. Vinat Tyagi Delivery Head,
 Engineering and Industrial Services Business Unit Tata Consultancy Services, MIHAN, Nagpur
External Member
17 Mr. Akshay Kekare Director in
 Alabso Circle Pvt Ltd
 Partner in Techwalnut Innovations LLP
External Member


2. Student Team


Name of the Students  Roll No. Position Assigned Mobile No.
Krishna Chaudhari  BT21ECE039 Innovation coordinator  8788268288
Mayur Agrawal  BT21CSE213 Startup Coordinator  7507093363
Mayuresh Deshpande  BT21ECE045 Internship Coordinator  9518956188
Dhruv Nawria BT21CSE187 Social Media Coordinator  6350362526
 Herambh Dubey  BT21ECE044 IPR Coordinator 7970024022
Pallavi vasuniya  BT21CSE080 Member  9302479838
Soham Deshpande  BT21ECE083 Member 9307005165



Construction of entrepreneurial ecosystem towards enterprising IIIT Nagpur.


  • Evolving human potential to deliver in nation building,
  • Creating entrepreneurship awareness and environment at IIIT Nagpur.
  • Indoctrinating a practise of innovation driven entrepreneurship in faculty and students.
  • Manoeuvring students in setting up an enterprise for development of indigenous products and services. 


  • To make each individual of IIIT Nagpur aware.
  • To encourage students, faculty and alumni.
  • Call for idea tanks and contests on ideas.
  • Exploration of entrepreneur world.
  • Products visualization.
  • Plans for start-up.
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