Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur


Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur offers an outstanding Computer Lab, which provides students access to computer – software for both Academics and Research.

In the institute, a more than 400 Desktop are placed which is divided into different Labs. These desktops in the labs, run on a 150 KVA UPS supply that is available 24x7. All the desktops in the computer labs are connected with a 1024 Mbps Wireless network and the Internet  and also have a backup connection running in failover mode. The Computer Lab is equipped with modern and automated equipment in an air-conditioned environment. Additionally, students will be provided access to a Campus-Network, which can be accessed from the Computer Lab or from personal Laptops, Tablets, and Mobiles.

The department of Computer Science and Engineering has the following labs:

  1. Lab No. 1 (Databases & Data Cluster Lab)
  2. Lab No. 2 (Project Lab)
  3. Lab No. 3 (Programming and Data Structure)
  4. Lab No. 4 (Computer Networking Lab)
  5. Lab No. 5 (Distributed & Cloud Computing)
  6. Lab No. 6 (Artificial Intelligence&Machine Learning)
  7. Lab No. 7 (Data Science and Big Data)
  8. Lab No. 8 (High Performance and Bio Informatics Lab)
  9. Lab No. 9

List of Software Installed on the Workstations of Computer Labs:

  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio 10
  • C++
  • JAVA
  • Python

 Undergraduate Lab Courses

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Database Management Systems
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Design Principal of Programming Language
  • Computer Networks
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Application Programming
  • Computer programming
  • Compilers
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